Gifts for Liverpool F.C. fans

Giving a gift to the Liverpool F.C. fan in your life should never be difficult, you already have many other things to worry about in your day to day life, gifting shouldn't add to that. You should leave the job of making that LFC fan you know to fellow REDS, let us surprise them with a curated crate they will be extremely grateful to you for.

The gifts they'll love are practical, items they can wear or carry around or use in their day to day life & we know this.

Meet Kopcrate:

Kopcrate is a curated box of unique & licensed LFC products handpicked by devout supporters of the club. We work with licensed distributors around the world, amazing designers & manufacturers to put together a crate of items any LFC fan would love.

Some Featured Items we've placed in crates:

LFC Scarf - This is the staple! Every Liverpool F.C. fan needs to have one of these. Regardless of if you're watching the game in your living room, your favorite local pub or at Anfield, you need a scarf.

The Anfield Song book - Let's be honest, most fans don't know the basic songs that ring around Anfield during games. The Anfield song book helps you learn & stay in the know

The Freezer mug - You've got to try drinking a beer in this thing! No better way to have a drink & show off your support for the mighty REDS!

The Boot Bag - If you've got a pick up game coming off or you just have indoor soccer this weekend, this is a great way to carry your cleats, boots, shoes - whatever you want to call it!

The LFC cap - Another fashion statement worth making for any LFC fan. Even Jurgen Klopp always has one on.

These are some of the many items that typically end up in the Kopcrate. Kopcrate offers two price levels:

The Basic Collection: This contains 5 items that retail at over $100 but priced at $60 on Kopcrate. Buy Now!

The True Fan Collection: This contains 7 items that retail at over $130 but priced at $80 on Kopcrate. We recommend this collection for the die-hard fan, they'll be immensely grateful to you. Buy Now!

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